Our Story in Detail

East Coast Diving


Open 15. April to 15. October, daily 8 am to 7 pm

Our TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE was opened in 2014 as the Back Packer Branch of our NILAVELI DIVING CENTRE with very reasonable rates.

The Diving Centre has a sitting area with a flat screen for teaching PADI Courses, an equipment room, a school room for teaching PADI courses, a compressor room, an equipment roo and a private shower area. We have a large cleaning basin for your equipment and afterwards your suit can dry perfectly in the shade. You can see that all is taken care of.

First class compressors (made by BAUER, Germany) speedy fill our eighty 12 L Aluminum Diving Tanks with DIN or INT connectors. For children we provide also four 8 Liter Aluminum Diving Tanks. We are also filling NITROX at our Compressor Room and provide this for our for 5 Euro extra per tank.

We have around 10 complete sets of Rental Dive Equipment (BDC, Regulator, Mask, Fins, Belts, Weight) of all different sizes in stock.

There are two diving boats with roof and shade available, witch bring you to the desired diving locations. It takes around 5 to 30 minutes boat ride depending on the dive spot. Every boat contains a maximum of 5 divers and one dive guide (Dive Master or Dive instructor).

At our Diving Base you have the possibility to practice mostly boat dives with all grades of difficulties suitable for beginners and experienced divers. We offer Reef, Rock, Deep & Night Dives at our different Trincomalee Dive Sites with different depth from 6 up to 30 meters. Our morning dives, two dives with a surface interval on the diving boat starts every day at 9 am.You have to be on our Dive Centre at 8.30 am for registration, assembling the dive equipment and the briefing. You will be back at our base at around 12 noon to 1 pm depending on the distance of the dive sites.

Our afternoon dive(s) one or two dives with a surface interval on the diving boat starts every day at 2 pm. You have to be on our Dive Centre at 1.30 pm for registration, assembling the dive equipment and the briefing. You will be back at our Diving Base at around 3.30 pm or around 5 pm depending on the dive site(s).

Our Diving School offers PADI Diving Courses for beginners and advanced divers, e.g. “Discovery Scuba Diving, DSD”(minimum age 10 years) , beginner courses (PADI Scuba Diver, PADI Open Water Diver, continue to PADI Adventure Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. We are the only PADI Dive Resort in Sri Lanka with an own PADI Course Director who teach one times a year students up to PADI Dive instructor at our SCUBA ACADEMY in Nilaveli at our NILAVELI BEACH HOSTEL.

We offer also Snorkeling Trips to the Navy Island and Swami Rock every morning at 9 am and at 2 pm. You have to be at 8.30 am or 1.30 pm at our Diving Centre.

Snorkeling Trips to the Pigeon Island Marine Park and Coral Island and Whale & Dolphin Watching Tours only from our NILAVELI DIVING CENTRE.

Since the beginning of the TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE security is of the greatest importance to us. First we introduce you to all details of our Dive Centre and provide a detailed briefing for the dives and chosen Dive Spots. In addition our diving base has a Stationary Oxygen Supply and portable DAN Systems for our diving boats. The boat guides, diving guides and dive instructors are all trained in first aid assistance.

Regularly the crew practice Rescue Training where you can participate on request.

After the Fun Dives or Diving Courses all divers and non divers sit together, enjoy a cup of Ceylon Tea or a drink and exchange their impressions and experiences. An open air restaurant next to our base offers refreshments, snacks, lunch and dinner. In the evening we can sit together and chat by a beer while watching the beautiful sunset.

At our TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE we speak at least English, German, Sinhala and Tamil. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our TRINCOMALEE DIVING CENTRE, PADI Dive Resort, S-26837.